The following is only a partial list of the features and benefits offered by our Shopping Cart System.

  • Increase Sales. Our shopping cart will become your #1 marketing tool. Consider this fact... The top 2 reasons online shoppers do not complete their order is (1) confusion when ordering and (2) lack of trust.

    So why do many companies report an increase in sales after using our Shopping Cart?

    • We focus first and foremost on YOUR customers.
    • Our shopping cart offers your customers the ability to check the status of their order 24 hours a day.
    • We use focus groups to test our shopping cart. Participants are  both male and female and range from the ages of 10 to 80.
    • We protect your customer's order information with 128 Bit SSL Encryption, certified through Thawte, Inc. Your customers will feel confident about purchasing from your web site.
    • We provide a smooth and error free ordering process, so your customers do not stumble, question the reliability of your shopping cart, or lose trust in your company.
    • We insure that our shopping cart works on any computer or web browser, even if your customer chooses to disable cookies and scripting in their browser.
  • Save Money. Because we host your shopping cart, you will not have to go through the trouble and expense of setting up a secure server. You won't have to pay annual fees for SSL technology and a Digital Security Certificate. You'll save at least $400 each year, which more than pays for the cost of our service!
  • Fast and Easy Setup. There is no software for you to install, no complicated files to configure, nothing to download and no programming experience necessary. You can signup now and get started within minutes! Our online administration area will guide you through the entire process... step-by-step.
  • Customize the Appearance of your shopping cart.
    Change background, font and section header colors.
    - Upload a background image.
    - Display your company logo at the top of each page.
    - Use any currency symbol.
    - Add custom messages to each page of your shopping cart.
  • Manage your shopping cart settings and order information through our secure, web-based administration area.
  • If you are an eBay seller and would like to process buyer's payments through your merchant account, our eBay Checkout feature is the perfect solution. With eBay Checkout, your customers will have the option of paying for auction items through your shopping cart..
  • Create sub-user accounts for employees and limit their access to specific areas of the administration area. This comes in handy when you need someone to retrieve your daily orders but do not want them to be able to change your cart settings or view private information.
  • Accept up to 8 methods of payment. Accept credit cards, checks, PayPal payments, Purchase Orders, COD, telephone, fax and mail orders. Our shopping cart is compatible with the internet's most popular payment gateways.
  • Say goodbye to tedious bookkeeping tasks! Our Shopping Cart allows you to import order data directly into QuickBooks.
  • Add up to 20,000 products to our database. You can even import and export product information.
  • Store up to 20,000 orders in our database! Quickly look up customer information based on order date, range of dates, name, invoice number or email address.
  • Easily organize your orders by placing invoices in the New, Pending, Processed or Cancelled folder.
  • Create a "Check Order Status" form that allows your customers to check the status of their order 24 hours a day! You can even create custom status levels such as, "Your order is being processed" and "Your order has been shipped."
  • View order invoices one at a time or use our Order Export Utility to download them onto your computer. You can export orders into a CSV file or an IIF file. A CSV file can be imported into spreadsheet or database software. An IIF file can be imported into QuickBooks.
  • Review Sales Reports in an instant! Quickly view gross sales, net sales, sales tax collected, or shipping costs over a period of time. Choose from a variety of reports and formats.
  • Your shopping cart will automatically calculate shipping charges, sales tax, discounts, order subtotal and a final purchase price.
  • You can sell products, services or a combination of both. Our shopping cart can adjust the type of information requested from your customers, based on the type of items in their cart.
  • Your customers can add one item at a time to their shopping cart or many items at once.
  • Easily create add-on options for the items you offer (e.g., small, medium, large, X-Large add $2.00).

  • Your customers can enter fractional quantity amounts when ordering your products. For example, if you sell fabric, your customers could order 1.25 yards of velvet.
  • Inventory control. Set low inventory warning levels and prevent "out of stock" items from being ordered. You can even have our system contact you when inventory has reached a certain level.
  • You can require that your customers enter their credit card's CVV2 value when ordering. This is an excellent way to prevent fraudulent orders.
  • Offer your customers shipping options using any of our 4 powerful Shipping Tools.

    1. UPS Online Shipping. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from UPS
    2. USPS Online Shipping. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from USPS servers.
    3. FedEx Online Shipping. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from FedEx servers.
    4. Create your own custom shipping options based on order weight, number of items ordered, order subtotal or flat fee per item.
  • Create an unlimited number of sales tax rates for any city, state, province, zip code or country. If you sell to organizations that are not required to pay sales tax, you can provide them with tax exempt codes.
  • Set a minimum order amount that requires customers to reach a specific dollar amount per order. For each product, you can also set minimum and maximum order amounts.
  • Add extra visual appeal by displaying a small thumbnail image next to each item your customer places into their shopping cart.

  • Add a "How did you hear about us?" drop-down box to your shopping cart. This is a powerful marketing tool that will enable you to determine where your customers are coming from.
  • Reward your customers for purchasing in volume. Create volume discounts and apply them toward specific items or to an entire order.
  • Provide select customers with "Customers Codes" that can be used to receive a discount when ordering from your web site.
  • This works great for customer appreciation sales!
  • Built in auto-responders. After an order is placed at your web site, you and your customer will receive complete order details by email (excluding sensitive payment information).
  • Save your customer's time! Your shopping cart will automatically recall your customer's billing and shipping address each time they return to your web site to place an order.
  • Pass order information from our shopping cart to another server. This is a very powerful feature that allows advanced users to manage order data in any way they like.
  • Works with any affiliate tracking system and integrates within seconds.

  • All order information is available to you 24 hours a day via our secure, web-based administration area.
  • 100% compatible with any web site development tool, including all versions of FrontPage and Dreamweaver.
  • Gain access to our Business Resource Center and review  products and services that will take your business to the next level.
  • More for your money! We constantly make upgrades to our shopping cart system. This means you get to use a service that continually offers YOU more but does not require you to pay more for upgrades!

    Even better... because you do not install our shopping cart on your server, you never have to worry about downloading and installing upgrades. The changes are automatically built into your account the second we upload them to our production servers!
  • Rest easy knowing your shopping cart system is being managed by expert programmers, a full-time Systems Administrator and the world's best server hardware and software. Our servers are load balanced, utilize redundancy on several levels and are backed up nightly. Our network is powered by multiple OC48-192 connections direct to each major backbone provider.

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LinkPoint API



Nobel Pay




Plug'n Pay


VeriSign - Payflow Pro

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